609 Castle Ridge Road, Suite 335, Austin TX 78746. (512) 579-3560

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FieldPoint Petroleum

About FieldPoint Petroleum

FieldPoint Petroleum Corporation was founded in 1989 by Ray D. Reaves for the purpose of acquiring, operating, and developing oil and gas properties across the country. Ray began his career with North American Oil and Gas and subsequently purchased an interest in 10 of their wells and formed Bass Petroleum, Inc. Under Ray’s management in the years that followed, Bass Petroleum gained majority control of the 10 original wells and acquired interest in another 60 wells. Bass Petroleum merged with Energy Production Corporation and, as a result, FieldPoint Petroleum Corporation was born.

Today, FieldPoint enjoys varying ownership interests in 480 gross producing wells (96 net) located across Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

OPERATIONS: Producing Oil & Gas Properties

We operate 19 wells, while independent contractors operate the other wells per standard industry contracts. With non-operated wells, we have a long history with experienced and efficient operators, such as Cimarex, Denbury, EnergyQuest II and Linn, to name a few.

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STRATEGY: Expanding Reserves while Increasing Production

We focus on acquiring producing properties with upside potential in addition to exploration opportunities with companies that complement our capabilities.

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  • Founded in 1989 by Ray D. Reaves
  • 480 Gross Wells (96 net) in five states
  • Operated and Non-Operated Positions
  • Headquartered in Austin, TX
  • Stock Symbol – OTC:FPPP


On June 6, 2013, Ray Reaves tragically lost his life in an automobile accident, which took place near Giddings, Texas. He had been Chairman, Director, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the Company since May 22, 1997.

Ray will be greatly missed by the many friends and associates he had within the petroleum industry.