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FieldPoint Petroleum

FieldPoint Petroleum Corporation

FieldPoint Petroleum (OTC:FPPP) is an energy exploration and production company that acquires, operates, and develops oil and gas properties. We currently have varying ownership interests in 480 gross producing wells (96 net) located across Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Louisiana. Founded in 1989, our business strategy focuses on expanding our reserve base while increasing production and cash flow through the acquisition of leasehold interests as well as producing oil and gas wells. Commodity trading, such as oil and gas, has grown in popularity, and it has been made easier by the use of reputable brokers.Trading decisions are made easier when using an automated trading platform like Öl Artificial intelligence is used by the Öl Profit app to discover the best trades for the user. It's an excellent option for people who wish to earn extra money in a short period of time while remaining passive. Learn more…